Manchester City Football Club

Many modern fans think of Manchester City as a side that used their vast resources to transform the club and buy their way to success. However, while not as dominant as their rivals over the years, this is a club with its fair share of success even before their unprecedented cash injection.

Founded as St. Marks (West Gorton) in 1880, the club changed its name to Ardwick Association Football Club seven years later. The Manchester City era began in 1894 and Football League membership followed in 1899. The club needed only five years to win its first silverware with the 1904 FA Cup.

The 1960s served as the club’s most successful decade in the 20th century, with league, FA Cup and League Cup victories. Their decline began in the 1980s, falling as far as the third tier. City returned to the Premier League in 2001-02, and the Abu Dhabi United Group took over in 2008, with the club remaining a fixture at the top of the English game ever since.